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Can I use over the counter dental cement for a full post root canal?

I had a root canal completed several years ago and the crown with the post in it came out yesterday. I do not have dental insurance and cannot afford to see a dentist. Is there an over the counter dental cement that I can use to reattach my missing tooth? I need something that can reattach the post into its hole.

Thanks, Todd

Dear Todd,

There are several over the counter dental cements available at your local grocery store in the toothpaste isle. However being that the tooth had to have a post to hold your crown on suggests that the dentist had very little tooth structure to work with when your dental crown was completed after your root canal. Usually when the crown with a dental post comes out it’s a sign that you may have decay around your crown or the tooth may be broken around your post. In any case we recommend you visit your dentist to have an x-ray of the tooth to see if something else is going on. If there is no sign of decay and your tooth is intact he may be able to recement your crown and post for you at a fairly reasonable price. In the mean time you can pick up some temporary cement at your local supermarket however this is only a temporary fix and may only stay in for several days before coming out again.

Post courtesy of Dr. Goldstein, Cleveland Cosmetic Dentist